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Our Story

Welcome!  I'm Celeste Ireland, and I founded Mountain Messenger Co in 2017. Thanks for taking the time to check out our leather bags and to learn more about our story!  Please don't hesitate to email me at if you have any questions about our bags or our business. 



What sets our bags apart from the competition?  We're creating a "direct to consumer" business model in the leather industry, working with a small leather studio in India, and importing and selling these bags on our website.  This means we are able to pass on lower prices while providing our customers with high quality, natural leather goods. 

Bag by bag, we're proud to be building awareness for healthier leather tanning practices.  We've built our motto "Leather Done Better" on three pillars that have been the foundation of our business:

  1. ECO-FRIENDLY - We searched long and hard for a supplier that works with only locally-produced vegetable-tanned leather - a type of leather that is not treated with chemicals.  Today, most leather is treated with toxic chemicals like chromium, a carcinogenic compound that the World Health Organization has written extensively about due to its impact on the health of workers in the tanning trade, water sources, and the environment.  
  2. ETHICALLY SOURCED - Our bags are hand-crafted in a small studio in India by traditional artisans who are paid fairly and do not have to handle chromium or work with leather that was treated with this carcinogen.
  3. CHARITABLE GIVING - Inspired by our niece Elsa, who receives regular treatments from the Shriner's, we donate $15 from every bag we sell to the Shriner's Children's Hospital in Montreal, Canada to help treatments and research for children's bone conditions.  You can read more about our Live Bravely campaign here.

Mountain Messenger Co Leather Bag



Our leather messengers, totes, and purses are weekday bags for weekend adventurers.  When you choose to carry a Mountain Messenger bag, you are supporting two small businesses - our own family-owned bag company, and a small Indian studio.  We both believe in a better leather industry, and we hope you do too!

Wherever your day takes you, from base camp to board room, let your bag serve as a reminder to get out and explore.



Celeste Ireland

Founder, Mountain Messenger Co.



Did You Know?

More than one third of the world's leather is tanned in China and India in facilities where it isn't subject to strict environmental and worker safety standards.  We were horrified by the impact that this under regulated leather production is having on human and environmental health in these countries.  For more background, search "WHO report on leather chromium" on Google.  We have committed to using only chromium free leather, which is safer for both our family and yours.  As our business grows, we are helping to sustain and rebuild traditional (and environmentally friendly) tanning techniques in India.