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Giving Back | Mountain Messenger Co #LiveBravely

Behind every what there is a why.  I'd like to tell you more about our #LiveBravely campaign, and a brave little girl who inspires me. 

My niece, Elsa, is 3 years old, and just a few months younger than my little boy.  Elsa is just like every other 3 year old I know:  energetic, curious, happy, and a little fiesty, and always demanding.  She's also fiercely brave.

You see, when Elsa was 5 months old, she broke her leg.  She was put in a body cast, and sent home to heal, and it wasn't until she was 10 months old and broke her other leg, that she was sent for more testing.  Elsa was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a bone condition more commonly known as brittle bone disease.  Elsa was accepted as a patient at the Shriner's Children's Hospital of Canada, and has been flown back and forth to Montreal far too often for tests and treatments. Our family knew the Shriner's only by the circus, but what we've discovered is an amazing, life-changing medical organization, operated solely by donations and that provides necessary treatments to their patients completely free of charge.

Just like Elsa, every one of us has mountains to climb, and challenges to overcome, and I hope that our #livebravely campaign will inspire you and those around you to never give up. Through our own journey and branding, I want to inspire you to live bravely and adventure more.  Wherever your day takes you, from base camp to board room, I hope our bags will serve as a reminder to get out and explore.

I've always wanted to give back to the Shriner's so that more families will benefit from the same generosity that has helped my niece so much.  It is my hope that as Mountain Messenger Co grows, I can help build awareness and funds for the Shriner's Children's Hospitals.  For every single Mountain Messenger Bag purchased, I will be donating $15 to the Shriner's Children's Hospital of Canada.  Plus, watch for the upcoming launch of our "Brave" bag, where I will be donating all proceeds to the Shriner's. 

I know that there may be a few hiccups with the decision to ship our bags directly from our India-based studio to you, but the money we save by eliminating re-packaging and by shipping only once works out close to about $15 per bag.  Rather than pocketing this difference, I am proud to announce that we will be directing these savings into something bigger - helping more children live bravely.


Thank-you so much for your support of our campaign!

Celeste Ireland

Founder, Mountain Messenger Co.


Me with Elsa at 10 months old in her second body cast